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adenin's revolutionary Application environment broadens the scope of the intranet from document and content centric collaboration to a central platform for business applications.

DynamicIntranet allows companies to deliver all their business applications in a single intranet environment - with one user interface, one security model, and one technical infrastructure.

In under an hour, you can replace the chaos of emails, spreadsheets, and desktop databases with a custom enterprise application that saves time and money by making it easy to organize and share the everyday information of business: client lists, sales numbers, document drafts, data of any kind.

The Application Builder is a point-and-click tool for customizing intranet applications or building entirely new ones in minutes without programming.

All Applications are also deeply integrated with the Business Dashboards module. Just some clicks and you can visualize the key information and performance indicators of your application.

The following solution application templates are tailored starting-points to address the needs and requirements for specific business processes or sets of tasks for organizations of any size:


Human Resources (1)
Recruiting Manager

Information Technology (5)
Asset Manager, Cellular Phone Manager, Change Management, IT Help Desk, Project Manager

Marketing (2)
Campaign Manager, Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Office Management (6)
Asset Manager, Cellular Phone Manager, Contracts Management, Facility Maintenance Requests, Front Desk Visitor Notifications, Project Manager

Sales (3)
Campaign Manager, CRM, Partner Relationship Management (PRM)